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Bankshot Basketball is a game of skill and challenge for players of all ages, sizes, and abilities. It is a combination of Mini-Golf, basketball, and billiards; pure shooting fun! It is a great game to play alone, in pairs, or groups.

Suggested Scoring and Rules
Don't shoot directly at the basket, all shots must be banked.
All shots must strike the Bankboard™ areas indicated.
Shoot from the closest circle first, middle second, and farthest last.
Two practice shots are allowed on the first station, no more are allowed for the
                     rest of the game.
Take two tries at each circle, move to the next station after 2 tries at Red 
Only properly banked shots earn points
Blue circle is 1 point, Yellow circle is 2 points, and Red circle is 3 points.
12 points is the maximum you can earn at each station from station 1-16, stations 17 & 18 earn double. The maximum points in the game is 240.

One Game (One Person):   $3.00